McDonough, GA Dermatologist

McDonough, GA Dermatologist

McDonough, GA Dermatologist


Rosacea Treatment in McDonough, GAWe Treat Patients of All Ages, From Children to Adults & Seniors.Schedule an Appointment With the Dermatologists at Bella Dermatology.

Close-up picture of a white, blonde, young lady seen from front with her face divided in half, one side clear, one side with rosacea.

Does your face have the appearance of constantly blushing? Are you experiencing bumps on your skin that resemble Acne? Have you been searching for skincare relief that will help you look and feel better about yourself? The skincare experts at Bella Dermatology in McDonough, Georgia understand that Rosacea can leave you feeling self-conscious about your appearance and desperate for relief. With years of experience and training in the dermatology field, Dr. Terry Sharpe MD and our dermatologists are providing solutions for many patients.
Rosacea often presents as redness that appears on the cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead. In some cases, the redness may also appear on the neck, head, ears or even the chest. Another effect that Rosacea has on the skin is the appearance of broken blood vessels that can thicken and swell up. In more severe cases, rosacea can cause swelling, pain in the eyes, stinging, and burning sensations in the skin.
When Dr. Sharpe meets with you she will want to gain a clear understanding of what your specific Rosacea symptoms are, how long you have been experiencing them, and what your desired results of treatment are. Dr. Sharpe will also be happy to answer any questions that you have and ease address your concerns regarding rosacea and the available treatment options. Through this open communication process, Dr. Sharpe will be able to clearly identify and understand your unique Rosacea situation giving her the best perspective for recommending treatment options.
There are medications available that can help reduce redness and fight inflammation. Laser therapy is another effective treatment option for redness that appears as a result of enlarged blood vessels. After evaluation of specific Rosacea triggers, Dr. Sharpe may have some suggestions on practical steps that you can take to relieve and prevent future symptoms.

Dr. Sharpe and her caring team have dedicated years to understanding the most up-to-date, skincare treatments for a variety of skincare challenges, such as rosacea.Please call us for more information or visit our dermatology clinic today for your rosacea treatments.

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