McDonough, GA Dermatologist

McDonough, GA Dermatologist

McDonough, GA Dermatologist


Mole (Nevi) Treatment in McDonough, GASchedule an Appointment With the Dermatologists at Bella Dermatology.

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Are you concerned about a Mole that you’ve noticed a change in? Do you have a Mole that is causing you irritation? Have you been thinking about having a Mole removed? If so, then Bella Dermatology is the perfect choice. Dr. Terry Sharpe MD, and our Dermatologists, have been helping individuals of all ages with their skincare needs, including Mole (Nevi) Treatments.
What are moles?Moles, or nevi, are very common and appear as brown spots on the skin that can come in a variety of shapes, and sizes. It is important to the health of your skin to keep an eye on any changes to present Moles or the appearance of any Suspicious Moles. Many people are born with Moles. However, we can also develop them from exposure to the sun. Fair-skinned individuals tend to have more moles due to lower amounts of Pigment in the Skin. Over time, due to sun exposure and the natural process of aging, most individuals develop more Moles. It is vitally important though to make sure that you and your family’s skin is healthy and happy by having regular skincare checkups.
Why are skincare checkups important?Skincare checkups allow your dermatologist to thoroughly examine the health of your skin and identify irregularities of your Moles, if any. Although most Moles are harmless, at times a Mole may become cancerous. It is vital to have a skincare checkup if you notice that any Mole has changed in size, becomes larger, changes in shape (including irregular edges), changes in color, either darkening or developing multiple shades. If a Mole becomes itchy, bleeds, causes pain, is inflamed, or becomes raised, these signs could be an indication that the Mole is cancerous. You can rest assured that with Dr. Sharpe’s extensive training in the field of dermatology she is ready to help answer any questions that you have as well as diagnose, and treat, any skin disorders or diseases.

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