McDonough, GA Dermatologist

McDonough, GA Dermatologist

McDonough, GA Dermatologist



Sugaring in McDonough, GACall Us at Bella Dermatology to schedule your next Sugaring Appointment. Our Expert Skin Specialists Look Forward to Treating You Today.

Picture of a lady's back in white underwear, showing the area from the top of her torso to her thighs

How does sugaring work?Unlike traditional waxing, sugaring does not require paper strips. Instead, technicians use a special paste made out of sugar, lemon juice, and water. Using their hands, our experiences aesthetician at Bella Dermatology in McDonough smoothes the paste onto the skin in the opposite direction of the hair growth and lets it sit for a few seconds. The paste cools a bit and gets slightly harder. Then it’s flicked off in the direction of hair growth to keep the hair intact and prevent breakage.
Is sugaring better than waxing?Overall, sugaring is a gentler experience than traditional waxing. Unlike waxing, sugaring only pulls out the hairs and doesn't disturb the surface of the skin.


  • Lip

  • Chin (woman)

  • Chin (men)

  • Neck

  • Half Arm(s)

  • Full Arm(s)

  • Underarms

  • Abdomen

  • Back (women)

  • Back (men)

  • Bikini

  • Deep Bikini

  • Half Legs

  • Full Legs

  • Brazilian

  • Full body

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