McDonough, GA Dermatologist

McDonough, GA Dermatologist

McDonough, GA Dermatologist


Melanoma Treatment in McDonough, GAAre You Looking for an Expert Dermatologist Who Can Help Treat Your Melanoma? You Have Found Your Place at Bella Dermatology! We Are Located at 2340 Patrick Henry Parkway Suite 200, McDonough, GA 30253. Request an Appointment or Schedule One Today! We Treat Patients of All Ages from All Surrounding Areas.

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Have you been diagnosed with Melanoma in the McDonough, GA area? The experts at Bella Dermatology can help! The treatment options available at our clinic depend on the stage of Melanoma you’ve been diagnosed with, and therefore a consultation is needed at our facility. Every patient’s battle with this Cancer is different. Our doctors will thoroughly review your medical history and pathology to determine the best treatment regimen for you. Once the review is complete, we’ll meet with you one on one to discuss the possible options for your Cancer Treatment.
Melanoma Treatment Options:● Surgical SolutionsThis is often the first choice for treatment in the early stages of Melanoma. If isolated to a small part of your skin, a simple surgery can remove your cancer so you can go about your life without severe side effects of the other treatments. The benefits of this treatment are why early detection and treatment are vital. We have seen a lot of success with this method of treating Melanoma.
● Radiation TreatmentRadiation treatment is not a very common method to deal with Melanoma. It does kill Cancer Cells by using high Energy Rays, but it’s generally only used when Melanoma has spread to the Brain or Bones. This would be more common in the later stages of Melanoma.
● ImmunotherapyThis treatment option is a type of Systemic Therapy that we use at our clinic. Those who have a high risk of reoccurrence of Melanoma have benefited from this treatment as well as patients who have had their cancer metastasize.
● Targeted TherapyTargeted Therapy may also be an option for Melanoma. In this type of treatment, drugs are used to target the Cancer Cells without harming other nearby Cells, something that radiation therapy cannot do. Targeted Therapy has been shown to be very successful for different types of Cancers, and there may be possible applications for Melanoma. This very much depends on an individual’s cancer stage and location and should be discussed with one of our skincare doctors.
● ChemotherapyThis well-known cancer treatment therapy targets Cancer Cells throughout the body. This usually is not a good choice in the earlier stages of Melanoma, but doctors have found some success in treating Stage IV (metastatic) Melanoma.
Side Effects of Melanoma TreatmentYou or a loved one may see some side effects of a Cancer Treatment regimen. These side effects are possible with any Cancer Treatment, and it affects everyone differently. As soon as you start to experience them, please let the skincare doctors at Bella Dermatology know. Some side effects are unavoidable, while others could be the signs of a serious problem.

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